Asier offers STEM learning activity Kits for kids between the ages of 4+.Educational kits designed to supplement the formal science and engineering lessons. They provide a holistic learning which keeps a child engaged and concentrated science and engineering lessons. The STEM kits are fun, affordable, engaging, and designed to instil a passion for learning and creating. We believe in learning by doing.

Kids can build their own Robots with many functionalities, using the building parts in the kit. There is a manual that comes with a detail description about each components. Also here is a QR code attached to each of the component that will link them to the site that gives an explanation about each of the components/modules they will be using. A video link too that will help them to understand how the module works and how they have to use it for building their Robot. This will help the students to learn practice and get help at their own pace.





  • Robotics for kids allows children to learn STEM concepts in a hands-on environment.
  • They learn how to design, and make their own robots.
  • Robotics offers an educational tool for kids to think out of the box.
  • Many times kids have ideas of what they dream to create. Robotics makes those dreams come true.
Kids as young as 7 years old can start learning Robotics. However, whatever age your child may be, it is never too late to learn Robotics. They can begin even when they’re 14 or older.
They should learn AI at an early stage because in today’s world, all kids are surrounded by Artificial intelligence and they should know how it works, what to do with it? And it also helps them use it effectively. Maybe they get interested and involved in AI so they can build their future in this field as it has huge scope in the future.
ROBOKIT INTERMEDIATE is a which is specially designed for anyone who is a beginner in programming and would want to learn to code. One will be able to build 9 robots with different functionalities with the aid of this kit. One will also be able to learn the concepts of programming and understand the basics of robotics modules, robotics sensors, connections, and calibration.
Apart from being an essential skill in the world of today, coding improves logic, focus and concentration and equips you with problem solving abilities. That is why we say it is an important skill for the 21st century generations as it helps in all professional fields. The benefits of learning coding extend beyond the technical skills of learning the language of computers. It also helps students gain a better understanding of the technology surrounding them, as well as expanding their creativity by teaching them how to use technology in their own way.
Kids as young as 7 years old can start learning to code. However, whatever age your child may be, it is never too late to learn coding. They can begin even when they’re 14 or older.
Yes, we definitely provide expert guidance for projects. We like to interact with students, understand their idea and provide them with necessary tool’s and tricks to build their project’s.
Python is a programming language that does it all, from web applications to video-games, Data Science, Machine Learning, real-time applications to embedded applications, and so much more