This kit is designed for the creators who want to start their journey in robotics. By buildiung 3 diferent kinds of robots using this kit creator can try out multiple robotics configuration. As this kit is totally based on the hardware components so you dont need coding to make your robots work.



using this kit you can build 3 diffreent types of robots by using the components in dieffernt ways, apart from robots using your creative mind
one can build mini projects using the same components provided in the kit

Why is it important:
It develops different skills in a child, It give a child an acess to learn technology in a simpler way.
it enables child’s creative mode.

Any age group required?
7 year onwards

What all is included in this kit?:-
Robotic Chassis set, Robotic sensors, Robotic module, Wires , Mechanical tool(screwdriver), Breadboard and Manual for the Creators.

3000 INR

Benefits of this kit:-
It helps the child to devlop various skills
enables Motor skills
enables Cognitive skills
enables Critical and logical thinking
Undertsanding the concepts of building Robots