Technocamp Ponda


The Techno Camp Event held was a Successful one, with Students all over the state attending the interactive session. The Inauguration commenced at the hands of Mr. D.S. Prashant, Mr.Tushar Sawant, Dr. Ketan Bhatikar, Ms. Sunaya Shirodkar and Mr. Tarun Krishnakumar. The event comprised of 3D Printing and Prototyping, Drone Demonstration, iCODE, Robotics and Microcontrollers and AI. Demonstrations on drones was conducted by Ullavan Agritech services in association with Asier Solution’s and an initiative by Dr. Ketan Bhatikar. I thank Mr. Tarun Krishnakumar and the entire team of Ullavan Agritech services for your valuable time and service. The event was put forth with the aim to help our students gain knowledge in the field of Technology and get a step closer towards achieving their dreams.

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