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Robotics is a branch of engineering and science that includes electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science and so on. This branch deals with the design, construction, use to control robots, sensory feedback and information processing. These are some technologies which will replace humans and human activities in coming years. These robots are designed to be used for any purpose but these are using in sensitive environments like bomb detection, deactivation of various bombs etc. Robots can take any form but many of them have given the human appearance. The robots which have taken the form of human appearance may likely to have the walk like humans, speech, cognition and most importantly all the things a human can do. Most of the robots of today are inspired by nature and are known as bio-inspired robots.
Robotics is that branch of engineering that deals with conception, design, operation, and manufacturing of robots. There was an author named Issac Asimov, he said that he was the first person to give robotics name in a short story composed in 1940’s. In that story, Issac suggested three principles about how to guide these types of robotic machines. Later on, these three principles were given the name of Issac’s three laws of Robotics. These three laws state that:

  • Robots will never harm human beings.
  • Robots will follow instructions given by humans with breaking law one.
  • Robots will protect themselves without breaking other rules.


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