AI Lab for Schools

Cubicle of knowledge offering AI & Robotics education with comprehensive curriculum, interactive robots, hands-on projects and real-life applications!


Interactive learning with a world-class lab

Get your kids an opportunity to master world-class technological concepts like coding, training machine learning models, self-driving car, natural language processing, and what not with real-life practical activity based learning (ABL)!

Kits for AI & Robotics Lab

Equip your school with a Next-Gen AI laboratory along with best AI-learning kits.

Coding and AI Platform

Get unlimited access to AI-ML projects like face detection, object classification, machine learning models

Structured Curriculum

Certified AI curriculum is designed grade-wise AI syllabus for students to introduce them to Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding, and much more.

Why Coding, AI & Robotics for Students?

21st Century Skills

Develops High Order Thinking, team work, enhances Creativity and Innovation

Career Opportunities

Large number of career opportunities in Tech, Coding, AI, Robotics, and STEM/STEAM

Coding and AI for Kids

Early exposure of coding to students nurtures logical reasoning and problem solving skills